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The Invincible

It’s not hard to smile if we try. It’s not hard to find inspiration if we look for it. It’s not expensive to gift someone happiness if we really care. Still sometimes we choose to be sad, depressed and mean because of petty issues and things that won’t even matter in the course of time and that are not even considerably awful at all. Yet we sit down with our long list of complaints and keep waiting for some saviour to come and rescue us. If only we look around us, we shall find that we are surrounded by a plethora of inspiration. There are numerous people who might have more complaints with life than we have but still they are fighting. There is no reason in actuality to sit and lament for something we don’t have. Life doesn’t wait for anyone; life doesn’t work that way. I’ll give you an example; look at the grass around you, the grass which numerous people and animals crush beneath their feet everyday. It still grows everyday and shines in the morning carrying dew drops. As if it is its…
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Lessons From Corona, with Love❤

I remember not very long ago, lads in my hostel and everywhere around mocking and teasing each other with remarks like “Bhai Corona ho Gaya Hai” (Bro it must be corona!) to anybody who complained of a fever or cold. It seemed fun back then. Maybe because it was only in the news then and that too on the other side of our north-eastern border. As if it were never going to reach us. We took it for granted - that we are safe. Others’ problems are always looked in this manner, isn’t it? 
But nature doesn’t need visas and passports to cross political borders. In no time, it was everywhere. It reached us and all the fun turned into fear. But is it the case with corona only? We see nasty things happening around us everyday- accidents, deaths, bullying, shaming, depression, failures and the list goes on and on. It’s funny how we assume that it is not going to happen to us ever. We are just so over-optimistic in this regard. Well carrying an always-worried attitude is definitely not a right way …

Bounce Back

So! What happened? Got hit? Got hurt? Knocked down? Thrown out?
Well  !!! You know how every epic in the world goes like?
The Winner loses initial battles, goes through torments;physical and emotional, then he develops his strengths, re-do his strategies and goes on to conquer.
But then there's another character in these epics, the one who surrenders at his first defeat. Everyone despises him as a coward. So, you lost a battle. Now the game is in your hand. Whom you decide to be? Hero Or Coward?
Look at your life like this. If it were a movie being made on your life. Where would you have wanted this story to go from here?
What would be the storyline? How you re-constructed yourself or how you lived throughout like a loser.
You know you can do it. You can build anything out of you. No matter how hard life has put you down, if your breaths are counting, you still have the chance. You always have, until you refuse to take it.
Bounce back and show how it is done. Bounce back …

That Kind of Girl

So, if she is with a boy,  then either they are in   a relationship or she is that kind of girl. You know the world is bad outside,  so she must stay home.  The world has filthy eyes, so she must dress properly.  She is the weaker sex.  She can't fight it on her own. She can't live on her own.  She needs a man with her,  to protect her, finance her, love her, and if she can't get a man.  She might be that kind of girl.
It will definitely be her fault,  always.  If she doesn't follow the norms,  she is that kind of girl... See,  my dear dear and dear society,  yes she is indeed that kind of girl.  That kind who knows how to deal with the world on her own terms.  That kind who knows how to acne the eyes of those who look down upon her.  That kind who seeks financial independence rather than digging upon someone else's pocket. And yes yes,  that kind who befriends a guy,  coz maybe all other girls around her are busy trying to fit into society's norms and she…

Let's go to Hell

Hey!  Today I have an invitation, for all of you.  You who don't face the bullets. But debate over them.

I have invitation for all the engineers - chemical,  mechanical,  aeronautical- every branch.  Doesn't matter if you're from IIT Or not.  Any college will do.

My invitation is to the statesmen.  Ah!  You awesome speakers!  You,  the magicians of oratory.  What a spell you throw with your words that even the bravest of men get ready to lay their lives for cowards like you.

Oh!  Oh!  And Oh!  Last but not the least.  I think you don't even need my invitation.  You're gonna be there anyway.  You who sit in the temples, mosques and churches.  You who study God's doctrines and interpret them according to your interest. You guys are definitely coming with me.  Won't you ?

What do you say?  Where am I inviting you to?  It's an invitation to hell.
Come hurry,  let's all get together and start our journey.  Or have we started already.
Because heaven will…


You know when you feel you tried enough,  that you gave everything you could,  invested every single emotion and energy into something and still it didn't work out.  I know the agony that one feels. 
It's an emotional break down.  Emotional break downs are the worst.  You feel your body loosening grip.  You feel there is no purpose left.  You feel you're not worth it. Remember,  until your breath counts,  there is a lot to do.  After that you are going to sleep till eternity.  This life is precious..  It's not a worthless thing.  If you think this is worthless,  you can invest it in worthless things and waste it the way you want.  But if you think this life of yours is precious.  Treat it like that.  Invest it in some bigger vision.  Don't be dragged down to a narrow aisle of your brain. One bad experience,  two bad experiences or even hundereds of them.  They mean nothing until you haven't given up.  Don't care about what happened in the past.  Don'…

My First Love Affair

Love is a beautiful feeling, isn't it ?
Love affairs are beautiful too, are they ?

Well, let me tell you about my first love affair today. You may find some glimpses of your first love affair too after reading this. If you're thinking that you never have had any love affair, then just read this till end, you will feel loved.

So, before I reveal my affair to you, let me find answer to a question first.

What love affair actually is ?

- A love affair is where two living beings surrender to eachother unconditionally.

-A love affair is when those involved, give eachother what is required by them.

-It is a never ending process of give & take even without noticing conciously.

-It is when one party sacrifices for the good of other.

-It is when both are so much connected, that absence of one suffocates the other.

These are some of the attributes of a love affair, more precisely an ideal-love affair.

But there is the other side of coin too.
There are toxic love affairs too.
Where one pays…